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Over the years at Deliciously Sorted we have had some highly unusual requests from our clients - from the completely outrageous to the everyday and mundane. We like to think that this invaluable experience helps us to provide an inexhaustible range of services, insider knowledge and invaluable contacts.

So if you are looking for something unique or unforgettable and need some inspiration please select one of the categories on the left to view some alternative ideas for your holiday.

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And remember no request is too ordinary or too extraordinary!


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Host the Perfect Party

Whether it is an intimate dinner for 2, or a fantasy-filled feast for 30, we can help you to create a memorable event with a flawless flair.

There are a few key things to remember when arranging any kind of event, however large or small. Pre-planning and organization are essential, whilst attention to detail and getting creative with your food, décor, location and entertainment are what will turn your event into a memorable night for all.

Most of all, remember it is meant to be fun, and if you as the host are enjoying yourself, then your guests will undoubtedly do so too! Get creative with your guest list. Sometimes hosts can over-think a guest list, and the reality is a melting pot of interesting characters can make for a hugely entertaining night!

Select your menu with pre-preparation in mind, and make sure it is something that you are confident cooking and can be presented beautifully. An assured hostess, who doesn’t spend all night sweating over a hot stove but instead gliding effortlessly from kitchen to table, equals a hostess with the mostest! Alternatively you could always really impress by hiring in a private chef for the evening.

Pre-dinner cocktails are a must to get the party going with a bang. Make up large jugs of your preferred cocktails and have glistening, pre-chilled Martini glasses lined up and ready for pouring the second your guests arrive. If you fancy going all-out to impress, you could call in the services of a couple of gorgeous flair cocktail barmen to provide an extra glamorous edge.

Setting the mood is crucial. Don’t be afraid to locate the dinner to an alternative part of your house/garden. If you have a favourite spot in your garden or a terrace that does not often get used, then why not move your tables and chairs and have your dinner party there?

Lead your guests through the garden down a bamboo flare-lit pathway into a beautiful secret location, glowing with floor lanterns and twinkling tea lights hanging in the surrounding branches. Battery powered LED lights and fairy lights are also an effective way to light parts of your garden where there is no direct access to power.

Why not have some fun with entertainment here too? Book a solo guitarist to sit casually playing on a branch as guests approach the table. Your guests will hear the dulcet sounds as they trail through the garden, and then add to the element of surprise when they reach their secret location.

Adding dressing and detail, your table creates a magical ambience, and shows your guests that you have put thought and effort into creating a memorable evening for them. Don’t be afraid of colour! A beautiful white cloth can look stunning with a brightly coloured runner and our beautiful Mediterranean homes are filled with colour, so embrace! Alternatively, use mirror discs to dress the centre of the table and then place tea lights, with trails of bougainvillea creeping in and out of the flickering lights and their reflections.

We think it is charming, economical and ecological to use the things we have at our fingertips to create your own individual set-up. Be it trails of Bougainvillea and jasmine, or little terracotta pots with lavender, mint and rosemary, or even silver/gold bowls filled with lemons and oranges.

There are so many stunning ways to dress a table using just a little bit of imagination. Candlelight is of course key – as everybody looks good in candlelight!

Party favours are not just for weddings, and party bags are not just for children! A little detail that is bespoke for each of your guests can go down a storm. It can be something as simple as a beautifully handwritten and decorated name card, wrapped in ribbon with an individual flower stem.

You could even write a personalized note on the back of each card telling that person why they are important to you and why you wanted them to be a part of your evening. Alternatively, you could source charms for each of the guests that are relevant to them as individuals, or give each guest their birthstone to bring them luck.

We could literally talk for days about the perfect event, but believe the key is to be organized, keep your plans manageable, and get creative – making sure the evening is a reflection of you. Never be afraid to be different – originality is memorable. But most importantly of all – have a great time doing it, and make sure you enjoy the evening just as much as your guests do.